Sit, Set, Sat, Sought After

from by Parashos Parachutes



Wonderer, I can’t imagine how your feet have known the land, cause when faced with a parallel situation, I look fine but I’m forgetting how to stand. There’s still uncertainty behind my reason. That’s how it’ll stay, but changes always come my way. I’m not use to the thought of together, but truth be told, I’ll never be alone. All the wonderers, we collect as a voice. We carry the chorus, and it resonates “ooooooooh.” Fourteen miles away and I’ve lost nothing, cause there’s no leaving memory behind. I thought I was the foolish one for stepping out on a limb and out of the box, but I’d like to question that. And all my closest friends they say “you don’t look the same.” Don’t worry it’s merely a lack of shame. We will meet quite briefly, then you’ll start to see me. We will start to grow quite fond. Your friends leave you wondering, wondering through the forest, crying for the break of dawn. All our elders they say they’ll soon start to decay, but we have known this all along. Choose your words quite softly. They could be more costly than “am I right or wrong.” I want to be wrong. That’s all Id ask, cause my faithfulness is shedding, and I don’t know how to sweep.


from The Strange and The Stranger, released March 15, 2011



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Parashos Parachutes Little Rock, Arkansas

Parashos Parachutes is: J.J. Albrecht - Guitar/vocals, Caleb Lampkin - Bass Guitar, Hunter Godfrey - Drums

Parashos Parachutes started near the end of 2009. Since then we've moved forward one step at a time.

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