The Strange and The Stranger

by Parashos Parachutes

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released March 15, 2011

All songs written by Parashos Parachutes. This album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Josh Kawai at Black Sheep Audio. All artwork by Caleb Lampkin.



all rights reserved


Parashos Parachutes Little Rock, Arkansas

Parashos Parachutes is: J.J. Albrecht - Guitar/vocals, Caleb Lampkin - Bass Guitar, Hunter Godfrey - Drums

Parashos Parachutes started near the end of 2009. Since then we've moved forward one step at a time.

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Track Name: Strange
Early evening says to morning when I wake up in my bed, “Where has the time gone to? You were my dearest friend?” Changes are arriving so soon. Like the man who made the wheel, to know he’d change a lifetime or how empty he’d still feel and he’s not alone. Now we live our lives being who we’re suppose to be, but I’ll make things work in my favor. Full of timing and passion, that’s who I used to be trade in your soul for a suit to keep your family afloat, to be an adult, but I’m a boy with men at his side, and we’re losing our lives like we never existed. I haven’t grown an inch in years, what put me here?
(We’re all just passing the time)3x
Is there no escape from what's to become of the misery we make? Just to feel the sun, to forget where I’m from. Lead me to the night
Track Name: Less Talk, More Walk
You were a prototype, but now you’ve set in bloom. And I can’t stand to see you move, but then again I can’t really stand myself up on my own two feet. And you say you wouldn’t be this way if it weren’t for the men at your door. And I question, but we both know this is one less thing to say, cause we’re the same. We make mistakes, so let’s make a compromise. Things aren’t slowing down, but some things are bound to end in discord.
Track Name: Alaska
I made a home full of weeds far overgrown, and each one leaves a mark. Walking back to bitter better memories, when sleeping was at rest, we’d take our dirty hands and make the best of friends. Polar bears would wonder through the neighborhood and take hold of our sleds. No one could escape their friends or families. Oh how I’ve grown so old in these columns filled with hay. My mother, she used to say: Your father’s children, changing into men, and happy days, oh, they’ve come again. We’ll grow a garden made of Styrofoam. We’ll live together on these streets we roam and our hearts sing along to the song: the bear song
Track Name: Sit, Set, Sat, Sought After
Wonderer, I can’t imagine how your feet have known the land, cause when faced with a parallel situation, I look fine but I’m forgetting how to stand. There’s still uncertainty behind my reason. That’s how it’ll stay, but changes always come my way. I’m not use to the thought of together, but truth be told, I’ll never be alone. All the wonderers, we collect as a voice. We carry the chorus, and it resonates “ooooooooh.” Fourteen miles away and I’ve lost nothing, cause there’s no leaving memory behind. I thought I was the foolish one for stepping out on a limb and out of the box, but I’d like to question that. And all my closest friends they say “you don’t look the same.” Don’t worry it’s merely a lack of shame. We will meet quite briefly, then you’ll start to see me. We will start to grow quite fond. Your friends leave you wondering, wondering through the forest, crying for the break of dawn. All our elders they say they’ll soon start to decay, but we have known this all along. Choose your words quite softly. They could be more costly than “am I right or wrong.” I want to be wrong. That’s all Id ask, cause my faithfulness is shedding, and I don’t know how to sweep.
Track Name: Stranger
Hello. I thought you should know, I heard you say I think we should go. We should. We’ll scribble new names to bring along, unless we’re too strange for sing-alongs in the woods. Polished Shoes, they ramble. They ramble. Take a chance. We gamble. We gamble with life. If you could be a gentleman, she’d overfill with sentiment. Let’s make this right. Let’s carry on with the fire, our possessions all aflame. And while some will weep o’er what’s at stake, they’ll fall asleep, and they’ll awake with freedom to their name. I sold my soul, to material world, but I’m taking it back. But you know just what I’m talking about. You’re no secret. You’re no stranger. You will be heard.